MEMBER Multi-piano lesson

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student member multi.png

MEMBER Multi-piano lesson


Levels 1-3 only

Students will play with same-level students, potentially from other studios, and receive a lesson for coordinated play in a dynamic format with Bruce. Children have really loved this option in the past! The song the group will work on must be performance-ready and approved by your teacher. Please plan to attend for the whole hour to observe the other students. Please have your schedule ready to let us know your available times when you click to sign-up.

LESSON LENGTH: 30 minutes

If you chose a Multi-piano lesson, you will be asked to choose any songs below which you are able to play (performance-ready; if you are not sure, please ask your teacher):

  • Twinkles

  • Allegro (from Book 1)

  • Musette (from Book 1)

  • Minute 2 (from Book 2)

  • Sonatina in C Major – Clementi, any of the 3 movements (from Book 3)

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