Brooke Chumachenko
Jonesboro, GA

Brooke Chumachenko

Brooke Chumachenko began Suzuki Method piano lessons at the age of 3, when her mother discovered her playing Mozart. She continued her studies at the Griffin School of Music studying privately, and at the age of 15 completed their internship program. She studied under Elizabeth Travis, at Milliken University and regularly participated in competitions taking Local, State, District, and International awards. After moving to Atlanta, she started her own teaching program, featuring the Suzuki Method, along with Kindermusik where she had students as young as 6 months.

She now lives in McDonough, with her family, and her dog. She serves as President on the board of the Atlanta Area Suzuki Piano Association, where she regularly participates in teacher research groups and continuing education. Her students regularly participate in bi-annual graduation concerts held at Spivey Hall, on the Clayton State Campus as well as 5 Piano concerts, and workshops across the USA. Brooke regularly takes students to the University of Louisville to participate in their piano program, as well as to the University of Central Arkansas to participate in their chamber music programs.

Brooke enjoys traveling, composing music, singing, and learning languages, and she is fluent in both English, and Russian. In addition to teaching piano, she has done music therapy, event planning, flower arranging, acting, public speaking, and extensive volunteer work. She is also a published poet, and photographer.