To be eligible to have students participate in Graduation, teachers must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be current members of AASPA by September 30th of each year.

  • Must attend at least once annually, an AASPA-sponsored workshop as a full participant.

  • Must attend at least one teacher research workshop before the yearly concert.

  • Must attend both sessions of the Graduation concert in which their students wish to participate, as well as commit to helping with tasks at the concerts.

  • Must attend the dress rehearsal and concert with their student. If a teacher does not attend the dress rehearsal or the concert the student is ineligible to perform.

  • Teachers submitting students will be asked to volunteer to assist at the dress rehearsal and concert.

  • Teachers submitting students must participate in the pre-screening of videos. Teachers will view videos as a group and determine if the students are ready to submit the video.

  • The published deadline for online video submissions, applications and fees are final. SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE DEADLINE.

  • Teachers should discuss concert attire with their students. It is recommended that teachers preview concert clothes by holding a rehearsal in which the students practice wearing their outfit.