Atlanta Area Suzuki Piano Association (AASPA) was formed in 1990 and is a non-profit 501.C3 organization since 2001.

OUR Mission

To promote the principles of talent education as set forth by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and implemented by Dr. Haruko Kataoka through Suzuki Piano Basics. Through these principles, AASPA seeks to: promote peace in the world by developing sensitivity and sensibility in children; broaden global understanding and friendship through the universal language of music.

We provide

  • The highest quality music educational opportunities for children including the Graduation Program, workshops, chamber music collaborations and special recitals

  • Teacher education and community

  • Parent education and fellowship.

AASPA Programs

Workshops featuring teachers who trained with Piano Basics Founder Haruko Kataoka in Japan to provide education for teachers, students and their parents.

Scholarships for students and teachers to Piano Basics Workshops, fee waivers to AASPA events for those in need, and prizes awarded to students who complete level Ten of the Graduation Program.

Graduation concerts held annually at prestigious Spivey Hall. Students are rewarded for each of ten levels by performing and receiving a certificate and trophy in this non-competitive program. Festive receptions follow the concerts.

Chamber Music program offers pianists an opportunity to collaborate with other instrumentalists for learning and performance

Five Piano Concerts provide learning and fellowship. Rehearsals provide training for students and teachers in piano basics technique and culminate in a concert on five grand pianos in unison.

Nurture, AASPA'S newsletter / journal communicates news and information to it's members and the community.

Website features a teacher directory to assist parents in locating a suzuki teacher for their child. Information on upcoming events as well as a resource directory for supplies and current information for members and the community.